As a gaming displays provider, over the years we have been able to provide products for high end gaming clients, supplying cutting edge technology.

Gaming machines with casino displays are expected to be active for long hours whilst maintaining a high resolution and excellent image quality. Therefore we only stock the best quality LCD components for our casino displays, to meet the required standards of the gaming industry.

In the gaming industry it is often required for casino displays and related products to have a bespoke finish to represent your brand/company. True-flat style glass has become especially popular recently due to its professional looking finish.

Specialising in bespoke design, through our partner we are able to offer 21.5 to 86 inch panel with touch functions for gaming machine

Latest In Gaming Technology

Recently one of the biggest innovations for this sector is the ability to offer Curved Touch screen gaming displays. This type of product is bound to stand out among competitors and can offer a new, attractive experience for the gamer. 

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