Smart mirror

General Introduction

We believe like any good advertising our Digital Signage should help you make an impact. Our Mirror Displays let you convey your message in clear, stunningly crisp Ultra HD resolution. Our Mirror Displays also contain our PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology that, as well as being crisp in design, is also touch interactive, touch sensitive and incredibly resilient. The sleek design of the mirror also means our Mirror Display can integrate perfectly with both modern and more traditional interiors. When made inactive the Mirror Display is discreetly disguised as a conventional mirror.

Place to use

In department stores, supermarkets, hotels, various shops, including a variety of places you can send and video in real time. It offers a variety of contents such as camera zoom and external functionality etc. that are suitable for any places, the multi functionality, enables everyone to enjoy a better life.

Smart  Mirror

size: 10.1” to 98”

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 


Contrast: 1000:1 (typ)

Brightness: 450 (typ) cd/m2 


Android OS

WiFi, BT4.0, and Ethernet

Direct Main Power No built-in battery


● Superior optical quality

● 70% Reflective, 30% Transparent

● Matches a standard mirror

● Waterproof (Glass)

● Works with touch overlay

● Cuts like regular glass

● Edges sanded for safety

● Easy to clean

● Scratch-resistant coating

● Polished & beveled options

● Temperable for extra strength

● Ships immediately

Smart  Mirror