Medical monitors

Medical Display Solutions

As technology advances, more and more hospitals, health centers and other medical related images are quickly entering the era of medical imaging displays to achieve "soft reading of films." In this case, the medical image display quality of the display becomes very important.

Different occasions for medical imaging display applications have different requirements, so EASYDISPLAY provides a comprehensive medical imaging display solution, customers can be supported according to the amount of information to select the best medical image display.

1MP/2MP medical image displays for CT, MRI, DSA and other equipments

CT, MRI, DSA and other equipment, the output image resolution is generally not high, the use of medical imaging 1MP monitor can complete these medical imaging diagnostic work, 1MP monochrome display can be used to diagnose medical imaging, CT and MRI slice images and DSA images. The 1MP color monitor can be used to diagnose medical imaging three-dimensional reconstruction of color images.

The same can also use 2MP medical imaging displays to show more content. 1MP, 2MP medical imaging display can also be used for digital gastrointestinal machine diagnostic imaging.

2MP/3MP medical image displays for X-ray, CR, DR and other equipments 

2MP medical imaging display can be used to display both the CT, MRI and other low-resolution content, you can display the CR, DR and other imaging for radiology film-reading work provides a cost-effective solution.

3MP medical imaging display can show full chest X-ray images, the number of high brightness and grayscale display characteristics can be more real to restore display the details of medical imaging lesions.

5MP medical display for digital mammography and other equipment 

5MP medical imaging display can be used for digital mammography images for better clinical screening and diagnosis.

8MP/10MP medical displays for X-ray, CR, DR, breast and other equipments to achieve a dual display or multi-screen display 

8MP, 10MP medical imaging displays can be used to accurately compare two or more medical images, to achieve a seamless high resolution screen dual display; also can be used for consultation center.

Consultation Display Solutions

With the digital transformation, many hospitals have set up their own consultation center, enabling incurable diseases consultation, multi-department joint diagnostics, remote joint consultation, remote teaching, etc. EASYDISPLAY provides professional and comprehensive consultation display products, which can provide customers with the best solution.

55" & 65" FHD consultation monitors 

EASYDISPLAY offers 55 and 65 inch 1920x1080 resolution professional consultation displays, which conform to DICOM Part 14 products standard, supporting simultaneous dual display in one screen, an infrared multi-touch screen is optional, support for simultaneous multiplayer. Equipped with DVI, HDMI, CVBS, Ypbpr and other interfaces to facilitate a display of a variety of medical imaging information.

65" 8MP consultation display

EASYDISPLAY offers 65" 3840x2160pixels ultra-high resolution consultation display to meet the requirement of HD consultation display, this products conform to DICOM Part 14 standards, with DP interface, supporting one screen multi displays, can perform a more subtle grayscale display.

Flexible installation

EASYDISPLAY's consultation display provides a variety of flexible installation, you can use on your desktop, or wall-mounted, or install with the stand.

 Medical monitors(图1)

Comprehensive customized services

EASYDISPLAY can provide customized ultrasound displays solution, including: ultrasound display, ultrasound display module, ultrasound display solution package, professional ultrasound display driver board and software customization. Customers can choose the optimal solution according to their demand.

Various dimensions

EASYDISPLAY provides 8.4/15 /18.5 /19/22 inch, a full range ultrasound display products, to satisfy customers‘ different usage occasions.

Supporting multi-singal input

EASYDISPLAY provides multi-dignal input interfaces as DVI, VGA, DP, HDMI, USB etc. to facilitate customers with different signal connections.

Precise definition display

EASYDISPLAY offers a variety of GAMMA curves for calibration to achieve the best display effect.

Advanced ID design

EASYDISPLAY can provide customers with advanced Industrial design, maximum compromise the customer's idea with the final product based on their reality. 

CategorydiagonalResolutionGrey ScaleBrightContrast Ratio
Breast Diagnostic21.3"2048×256016bit1200cd/m²1200:1
Radiology Diagnostic series20.1"1200×16002048700cd/m²1000:1
Endoscopic monitors54.6"1920×1080
Consultation display series65"3840×2160

Medical monitors(图2)Medical monitors(图3)

Medical monitors(图4)Medical monitors(图5)