open frame monitors

These are high quality solutions from a size of 10.4” to 75”, suitable for POI, multimedia and industry applications. All customisable and available with a TFT display from our extensive range.

Open Frame Displays offer a diverse display solution for businesses looking to integrate a display within an application. An Open Frame Monitor does not have an enclosure that surrounds the internal components and so it sits flush within an application or wall. Open Frame Monitors can be professionally presented in machines such as ATM machines, vending machines, gaming machines, kiosks and more.

Our Open Frame Touch Monitors are available from 10.4” to 75” allowing for the right content to be shown on the most appropriate size, giving businesses the freedom to create custom enclosures for their chosen open frame display.

Benefits of Open Frame Monitors

Open Frame Monitors are ideal for many industries such as construction or medical as they provide staff, customers and patients with a simple way to receive the information they need within that environment. Open Frame Displays offer simple touch screen functions allowing for information to be accessed quickly, freeing up time for more important tasks.

In sensitive environments such as surgeries and hospitals, Open Frame Touch Monitors can be cleaned in seconds, providing a much better hygienic solution to keyboards, mice and even pens, which are not cleaned often and contain unseen germs and bacteria.

Open Frame Monitors have many uses and aside from being suitable for many different industries, they are also useful for presenting rich content to large audiences, due to the screen quality and ability to show videos, images and slides in full HD.

Our Open Frame Displays are available in a range of brightness options from 300cd/m2 to 700cd/m2 and so image and video quality does not have to be compromised regardless of whether your display is in direct sunlight or under artificial light