panoramic monitors

If you’re looking to display your content on a widescreen format our Panoramic Monitors (also known as Bar type TFT displays or resizing LCD) are great for featuring content within a restricted space. The usual format of the Panoramic monitors create panoramic views of your eye-catching content.

The Bar type TFT displays are ideal for applications where space is limited and you’re looking for a solution other than a standard format display.

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Our line of super stretched bar LCD displays provide super wide aspect ratios as wide as 16:1 and in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 60 inches.  Large ultra wide displays are ideal for displaying panoramic content and catching an audience's attention in advertising and digital signage applications, while smaller sizes are commonly used in appliances, kiosks, mobile devices, flight simulators, and gaming machines.

High brightness is native on many models, and is an option for most other models making these displays suitable for outdoor applications where sunlight readability is necessary.

Panoramic Monitors are versatile displays that can be used for a number of purposes. Due to their various ratio sizes Panoramic Monitors, also referred to as Stretched, Resized,Letterbox and Bar Type TFT displays can be installed to create innovative advertising display solutions.

Here at Display Technology our range of Bar Type TFT Displays are available in 7 different sizes with an LVDS interface for high speeds and long-term reliability. Due to the various sizes of Panoramic Monitors in our range, your advertising content can be delivered in different environments. Outdoor or indoor, Panoramic Monitors are suitable to display informative messages, promotional content, high resolution imagery and interactive advertising campaigns.

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How to Choose the right Panoramic Monitor

To ensure your content is effective, selecting the appropriate brightness will make a big impact on your content, depending on whether your panoramic monitor is to be displayed indoors or outdoors. If you’re unsure what brightness option is suitable for your needs, it's important to know that standard indoor screens tend to start from 450cd/m2. As our bar type TFT displays are available from 300cd/m2 up to 2000cd/m2, knowing the environment your panoramic monitor will be installed will make choosing the correct brightness mucheasier.

If your panoramic monitor is being placed in direct sunlight, or inside a window display, opting for a high brightness panoramic monitor will ensure your content can still be seen, however, if your monitor is being displayed away from sunlight, inside a commercial space for example, lower brightness levels will still allow your content to be readable

The most popular application for bar-style LCD is in public transportation displays, including route displays onboard trains, streetcars, and busses, advertising displays in airports, bus stations, and train stations, and in several cases they are mounted on top of taxi cabs as mobile ad space.

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