rack mount displays

We produce a wide range of rack mounted displays, ideal for the industrial sector.

We have sizes of 10.4”, 15” and 19” in a 4:3/5:4 format or 17.3” to 65” in 16:9 wide format. These can be supplied with a TFT controller. Monitors can also be further improved with safety glass or resistive touch /Capacitive touch /infrared touchglass.

What is a Rack Mount Display?

A Rack Mount Display is a monitor that includes a metal rack enclosure and chrome handles. This allows for the monitor to be placed to different servers and shelving mounts in small or large spaces. Rack Mount Displays prove to be efficient in a number of environments and for a range of industries.

Benefits of Rack Mount Displays

Our Rack Mount Displays are Industrial Grade LCD Monitors and are highly suited for industries such as control rooms. Rack Mount Displays have a particular design so monitors can be stacked together and/or built up. Handles on Rack Mount Displays make it easy for monitors to be transferred to different stations and terminals depending on where the display is required